About Broken & Hopeful

Broken & Hopeful is a nonprofit Christian ministry that provides pastoral counseling, spiritual coaching, discipleship and mentoring both in-office and by internet or phone so that we can meet people where they are. We work with people nationwide who are struggling with a variety of issues including marriage problems, depression, unhealthy coping, recovery from abuse and many others. Please check out the What We Do pages for more info on the ministry, scheduling and costs. To get in touch visit the Contact page.

Why a nonprofit?

We get that question a lot. Hannah is an educated, experienced counselor whose heart is for those who would not normally pursue this kind of help because of the expense or the stigma that surrounds counseling. We want to provide an alternative for those who need to get unstuck but don’t have the resources to go the traditional therapy route or don’t want to. We hope to be able to convey the message of Christ-in-you through counseling that allows people to find hope and joy in their lives again. Because of this, we set up a 501(c)3 to allow us to funnel donations from those who want to get behind this message to those who need it. We want to be able to provide spiritual and emotional support to many in populations who wouldn’t normally get it. Donations make this possible. If you believe God is calling you to support this work, please check out the Partnering page.